Industrial, Commercial and Residential project Design-Build Service

Flawless design is vital to providing customized solutions to meet out client’s unique needs. Our design-build team is comprised of exacting professionals who pride themselves on creating tailored solutions that will meet your project’s needs and requirements, whether it be an industrial complex, a commercial compound or a residential tower.

With our in-depth understanding of the industry, ICMS promises to identify and employ the most cost effective materials and strategies ensuring no costly mistakes or lost opportunities.

Site Selection

Site Selection requires a high-level of specialized evaluation and analysis. ICMS has the tools, technology and experience to provide accurate data pertaining to:

  • Country and area comparisons
  • Incentives evaluations
  • Infrastructure analysis


Architecture & Planning

Architecture & Planning are ICMS hallmarks. Our in-house architecture & planning team work toward a singular goal of creating projects that promise to meet the highest standards in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

Our Design-Build Philosophy:

There is no room for error in the design-build stage, as it sets the tone for the lifetime of the project. The ICMS team employs a long-term vision for the project centered on the Owner’s/Developer’s needs.

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