ICMS run Engineering, Procurement and Construction services

ICMS has the technical expertise, tools, and experience to execute the most challenging and complicated engineering, procurement and construction projects. No two clients have the same needs, but ICMS run projects consistently show flawless and exacting execution.

Our engineering and construction management teams are comprised of the industry’s most experienced professionals. We take deep professional pride in being dedicated to optimizing materials and processes, negotiating lower costs and maintaining productivity and efficiency at the job site.

To date we’ve successfully handed numerous completed projects in South East Asia, the UK, and the United States. We’ve come to be known for our uncompromising attention to detail, technical expertise, customer service, and specialization in complex, technically sophisticated, multi-phased jobs.

Our Philosophy:

We at ICMS understand that in engineering, procurement and construction, there’s no room for errors, missed deadlines or budget-overruns. Our goal is to guarantee owners/developers enjoy a stress-free processes en-route to a facility that serves their needs perfectly and serves as a source of pride for everyone involved.

  • Case Study : California Wow

    Site scouting, Site evaluation, Architecture and design, M & E, Construction, Supervision. More

  • Testimonial : Seagate

    ICMS assisted in site selection. ICMS handled project management which included engineering, design construction, bid process, contractor selection. More