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A word from Michael J. Pellatt,
CEO & President – The ICMS Group of Companies

Michael J. Pellatt

Michael J. Pellatt

“Success is dependent on effort”

The philosopher and playwright Sophocles was immortalized by the phrase “Success is Dependent on Effort”. More than 2,500 years later these six simple words maintain their powerful meaning. All of life’s endeavors, whether personal or professional, require effort to ensure success. At ICMS we know there are no shortcuts to success, which is why we work tirelessly to ensure our clients receive only the best service possible.

The ICMS philosophy of “Build the Best” is dependent upon four guiding principles: leadership, vision, integrity and pride.


While we use the most technologically advanced systems available there is no substitute for talented and hard working people, dedicated to ensuring first rate execution. All ICMS employees, whether at the executive, management or administrative levels are expected to provide leadership in their area of expertise. With this expectation they are given the responsibility and tools necessary to lead.


The world of design and construction offers many opportunities and challenges. Client’s are offered the services of many high quality firms competing for their business. At ICMS we accomplish our client’s objectives with the philosophy that world class facilities can only be built with proper planning and a comprehensive understanding of our client’s business and needs. We’re vigilant at each and every phase of the project to ensure the final product meets the highest international standards.


In an ever more competitive world the temptation to profit through unethical means gets greater. At ICMS we believe that honesty and integrity form the basis of long term partnerships with our clients.


Pride in ownership is in itself a lofty goal. I am proud of the team we’ve created here at ICMS. No matter where we are in the world, we all share a passion for excellence, and together, along with our clients, put in the effort to ensure every project is a success we can be proud of.

With ICMS, our clients are able to focus on their core competencies, secure in the knowledge that they are working with consummate design, project management and construction professionals.

Together let’s put in a great effort to “Build the Best”

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