ICMS Project Management Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My project is complicated and enormous, is ICMS capable of executing and managing large-scale jobs?
A: The more difficult the assignment, the more reasons we are the right firm to work with. We specialize in large, complex jobs and utilize innovative practices to simplify and streamline each stage of the project. Our core team of world-class professionals eliminate bureaucracy and are masters in seamlessly executing jobs of any size.
Q: We require a facility that is complex and technically exacting.
A: Our expertise in this process has been perfected through years of experience working with world-renowned organizations in a variety of industries including industrial, commercial and residential.
Q: I understand that ICMS is the industry leader in Construction Management Services, but can ICMS work with us during the pre-construction and planning phases as well?
A: We handle projects from conception to completion.
Q: Does ICMS work on smaller, more straightforward projects?
A: Absolutely! We are proud of the fact that the clients with whom we’ve worked on smaller projects report that they are 100% satisfied with ICMS’s ability to work in close partnership with them to carry out efficient, exactingly executed and cost effective jobs.
Q: I have a few additional questions I need answered. ICMS has offices all over the world, which location should I contact?
A: Very easy—any of them! No matter how you first contact us, the process is the same: you’ll initially be put in touch with someone at the senior level of ICMS’s management team, and they will see to it that you receive the service and attention that your project requires. They will be happy to discuss with you the parameters of your project and determine how to best proceed. They will be your partner throughout the scope of the project, and their purpose is your success.
Q: How can I contact ICMS?
  39-13-16, 4 A-C, 4th Floor,
Suanplu Corner Building,
Soi Suanplu, Sathorn Road,
Thungmahamek, Sathorn,
Bangkok 10120