Success Stories

ICMS Success Stories Seagate Technology Factory, Singapore

Phil Maher, Former Vice President of Disk Operations, Seagate Asia

ICMS came in to retrofit our factory in Singapore (Seagate Technology) in 1997. The factory had some critical defects from the original contractor (not ICMS), which caused a $50M building with $100M in equipment and about 740 employees to be idle. The cost to Seagate was massive. ICMS came in, and developed a plan in partnership with the management team of Seagate. Mike ran the entire project and managed all the subcontractors. The factory was brought back on-line at least 2 months ahead of schedule and allowed us to get back into high volume production. As an internally captive supplier at Seagate (we made hard disks for the disk drive) getting the factory back into production saved our company millions.

ICMS had the confidence of the management team at Seagate, as he had built at least two other facilities of similar size for the company in the previous few years. Mike and his team were integral to all of the aspects noted above. My recollection is that ICMS provided services for everything except site selection (since the factory had already been built). Mike actually worked closely with Seagate’s Facilities Engineering and Process Engineering teams, but was relied up as the expert for engineering and designing a solution. The actual construction was managed by ICMS as well as the Project Management.

The Benefit of working with Mike and ICMS: Of course, the simplest measure of Mike’s contribution was the fine work done to bring our factory back into usefulness. However, I would be remiss if I did not point out something that is rarely said about those in the ‘construction’ field. Mike provided an honest assessment of progress (no matter what) and was able to look long-term in the business relationship. His integrity made him someone we could rely on in difficult circumstances. Mike’s integrity was beyond reproach. He instilled the same in his team.
There was never a day when we could not reach someone on the ICMS team – they were always present on-site and knowledgeable about the project. Mike built a strong team to drive the project to a positive conclusion.

Being ahead of schedule saved us time, money and aggravation. ICMS’s ability to oversee the project from start to finish gave us all confidence that we were getting what we paid for. The entire corporation was counting on the re-establishment of our factory and Mike did not let us down.

I would not hesitate to use ICMS again. I highly recommend them.