Success Stories

"Mike is very honest and open. He will always be on the side of the project owner. Mike will insure your interests are met and correct and/or manage the contractors in a professional manner. He is a turnkey shop. His knowledge of manufacturing as well as facility design is key to his ability to understand, and often suggest, improvements or alternatives to facility design. These suggestions will usually result in a more efficient factory.

Any time anywhere, I would recommend ICMS."

Bob Smith
Former VP Operations Seagate
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"Being ahead of schedule saved us time, money and aggravation. ICMS’s ability to oversee the project from start to finish gave us all confidence that we were getting what we paid for. The entire corporation was counting on the re-establishment of our factory and Mike did not let us down.

I would not hesitate to use ICMS again. I highly recommend them."

Phil Maher
Former Vice President of Disk Operations, Seagate Asia
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